A Brief History of Billy

“You cannot predict the future.”
–Stephen Hawking

With apologies to a very smart Dan Szymborski, creator of the ZIPS projection simulator, PECOTA, and the prescient  Steamer, conceived literally around the corner from where I once lived on Monroe Place in Brooklyn Heights at the Saint Ann’s School, you are pushing a very heavy rock uphill when you attempt to predict future events. The future is unknowable. This we know. And yet we beat on, bunts against the shift.

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And The Wheel Turns

There are so many things. So many moments to hold and rewind as we Cincinnati Reds fans head off in our hardhats to the reconstruction project ahead and you head off for your well-deserved October glory.

Pardon the interruption, Baseball, but there are just a few things that need to be said.

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The Tipping Point

In the middle of the seventh inning, Christopher Kiradjieff, Assistant Principal and trumpet player with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, played God Bless America for the home crowd at Great American Ball Park. It felt for all the world like he was playing Taps for the Cincinnati Reds 2015 season.

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Dead Man(ager) Walking?


“As I always say, a command is a lonely job. It isn’t easy to make decisions. Sometimes the captain of a ship needs help. And by help, I mean constructive loyalty. What I’m trying to say is, uh, a ship is like a family. We all have our ideas of right and wrong but we have to pitch in for the good of the family. If there was only some way we could help each other.”

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The Blueprint


The mythical map pointing the way to Kentucky’s demise is a unicorn

It unclear exactly when the narrative began. Perhaps it was in December after Kentucky put UCLA into the Maytag and hit “spin cycle.” Or maybe it was right after two David Blaine-like escapes against early SEC opponents. But, soon thereafter, a game involving the Kentucky Wildcats couldn’t begin until the “blueprint” for taking them down had been drawn up, discussed and disseminated to the basketball world at large.

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