Grasping at Straws

Grasping at Straws

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“Get your motor runnin’ ”   — Steppenwolf

I’m guessing this was what Bryan Price was going for Sunday, when he took Jason Heyward to task for his late slide into third:

“He’s not a dirty player, but I just thought it was a bad slide and a dirty slide. It could have really affected Frazier and I’m not happy about that nor are any of our players. Hopefully we’ll be able to use it as fuel in this series to find ways to win games like (this).”

If the idea is to get his players fired up, Price should find another method, because manufacturing a controversy doesn’t seem to be the best way of getting it done. As a team, if the boys in Pantone 200 can’t get their motor revved for a team that has owned them seemingly from as far back as the Eisenhower administration—then manager Price has much bigger problems on his hands than Heyward’s slide, which was awkward, but clean. Awkward because his third base coach failed to give him guidance. Clean because there was no ill intent, as was obvious by the way Heyward jumped up immediately to check that Frazier was unhurt. Does Price really expect the Reds’ third baseman and the rest of his mates to be outraged and suddenly raise the level of their collective game because of this?

Child. Please.

I attended Saturday’s game and once again was witness to well-oiled Cardinal fans bouncing up the aisles at GABP doing their best Baseball’s Best Fans impression as they strutted through the local crowd at game’s conclusion, taunting everyone within earshot. Maybe a well-timed Vine of THAT sent down to the clubhouse could get the boys suitably “fueled” for the Cardinals if their play on the field cannot?

.  .  .

If you are already done with Kevin Gregg, Dan Szymborski has one word for you:


Wanna jump to conclusions about Votto’s production this year?


Thinking the Reds made a mistake with Marlon Byrd?

April. (He typically is a slow starter.)

And if you’re listening to talk radio, dude, seriously:


.  .  .

“The point is for one play in this series, they did something that was not a good play, probably not intentional, but it came across as a late slide with a high spike and it’s not good baseball. That’s not a good thing. It shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t happen without a response.”

So, a response is in order. Expect to see Heyward plunked and the flame under an already heated rivalry goosed up a notch when the Reds arrive in St. Louis later this week.

This is Bryan Price’s plan. Head out on the highway. Looking for adventure. And whatever comes our way.

Good luck with that.

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